How to make your Vagina Smell & Taste Delicious!

Holly Jean from wrote an interesting article helping women who want to have their vagina smell and taste delicious! 

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Wash it! (seems self explanatory)
  2. Don’t Spray it !! 
  3. Wet Wipe It 
  4. Eat It! 
  5. treat it!
  6. Dip it! 

Check out the Article (<—- click here I’ve included a link) 

Happy Friday!!! 

Let&#8217;s talk about your lady parts today :)

Happy Friday!!! 

Let’s talk about your lady parts today :)


Do you want to know a super easy exercise you can do without anyone knowing?

Exercise your PC muscles (pubococcygeus muscles)

Your pelvic floor is super important… You might be reading this and ask what is a pelvic floor and why is it so important? Here’s a link to a really good article on PC…

Do you blog?  Sponsor a With Love post in our #Indiegogo campaign: Support #sexpositive shops!

Do you blog?  Sponsor a With Love post in our  campaign:  Support  shops!

@xtina &amp; @TheIndieChicks we couldn&#8217;t agree more! Burlesque is sexy all the way around!

& we couldn’t agree more! Burlesque is sexy all the way around!

Orgasm Vs Ejaculation!?!! What’s the difference?

It’s a little dated (it was made in early January 2014)

Make 2014 A Great Year in Sex: Study Up on Your Sexy Parts! - A Good Woman’s Dirty MInd



Happy G-spot Tuesday!

another week has gone by! 

I just wanted to take a minute to invite you to check out Burlesque Toy Shops G-Spot Section! 

Ami Angelowicz  of the talks about the Myths of Squirting 

Check out some Myths of Squirting!


A sexy haiku for your Saturday


Colleen Clark really did a great job with this comic!

Why are we so obsessed with being “perfect or thin”…?

Love yourself <3